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Still Yet Another Sokoban 2.0.1

An implementation of the popular Sokoban puzzle game. The goal is to push the crates onto the designated squares without getting stuck.

NEWS (18 June 2006): Version 2 released. This release adds support for multiple sets of levels (many new levels included - press "c" to choose levels), and fixes the "uses lots of CPU" bug.

- Mac OS X Download: SYASokoban.dmg
Just click on the .dmg package to open it. If you wish to install it, simply drag the application icon to your Applications folder.

- Windows Download: SYASokoban.zip
Unzip the files using something like WinZip, or WinXP's built-in zip file access stuff. Then just run the Sokoban.exe file in the SYASokoban directory.
=> Upgrading from version 1 to version 2: [Windows only] You will need to manually copy the file ".syasokoban1.00" into the application folder the first time you run it if you want your old 'completed levels' to be imported into version 2.

- Linux / Source Code Download: syasokoban-2.0.1.tar.gz
LICENSE: Your choice of GPL 2, GPL 2 or higher, or a BSD-style license. Requires libsdl.

How to Play SYASokoban (2.8MB OGV), a narrative tutorial video created by Phil Shapiro. ([QT] Quicktime version - 4.2MB .mov)
Or watch on YouTube »

Other Platforms

Wii Prepared by Shin-NiL. (SYASokoban Wii Video)
Debian Prepared by Timo Röhling. [Version 2]
Syllable Ported by BurningShadow @ SyllableNorden (v1 screenshot). [Version 2]
Zenwalk Linux Prepared by George Vlahavas. Might also work for Slackware and derivatives thereof. [Version 2]
Nokia 770 Ported by Uwe Koch. [Version 2 and Version 1]
AmigaOS4 Ported by Tony Aksnes. [Version 1]
BeOS [Version 1]
OS/2 Ported by Andreas Peters. [Version 1]

Older version 1 downloads available here.



sokoban mac os x screenshot

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